Tired of feeling fatigued? Anxious? Stressed? Missing direction?

Finding a place for change can be difficult. I understand this frustration and made it so you look no more! Take the opportunity to explore how these archetypes can help you along your journey. And what's even better, no need in dealing with the hassle of driving anywhere!

What is Yoga?

The best way to express what yoga is, is through Pantajali’s second Sutra. Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of your mind.

What does this have to do with my physical ailments? My spiritual ailments? These philosophies and techniques for direct experience will show you how it is all interconnected. 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism stems from the word shaman which has its origins from  Siberia. A shaman is regarded as many things such as healers and others who work within the divinatory realms to assist in peoples’ healing.

A shaman has access to the world of spirits through entering a trance like state. Other cultures call them different terms like initiates but there is a certain characteristics that manifests no matter the culture that resurrected this timeless archetype. The word shaman has now circulated across cultures to define a medicine man or woman.

Since antiquity, people would seek the shaman to heal physical, mental or spiritual maladies. They are able to receive communication from the spirit world to aid in the restoration of the practitioner’s health.  The shaman guides the practitioner through various techniques to the source of their ailment. Looking to some “mental illness” as a brother or sister raised in an ignorant culture of fearing the unknown.

There are many lineages of shamanism and yoga found throughout the world. Yoga Shamanics does not follow one particular lineage. This modality honors and respects the profundity that each cultural heritage encompasses. May we all reveal the natural healers that reside inside no matter our chosen paths.

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